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1000’s of cheap used cars .
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2003 Honda civic

Auto sales are down for the count. Sales of American cars, in particular, have been K.O.'d.
Americans Are Giving Up Their Cars due to the current recession.A bad economy and crumbling auto sales have created absurdly low prices for some truly great American cars.Everyone’s trying to cut their budget this year, from the White House to big corporations to ordinary citizens. For many Americans, this means making big changes and going without things to which they’ve become accustomed. For some, the economic downturn means saying goodbye to that icon of American prosperity: their car.

2007 Toyota Yaris

In a vain attempt to get things moving again, American car manufacturers are piling on incentives and dealers are slashing prices. That means you can get some amazing - absurd, really - prices on some great cars.
Many American cars and trucks are going for below the dealer's wholesale price, according the real-world pricing data provided by Vincentric for AOL Autos. That includes truly top-notch vehicles that are competitive, on every level, with foreign competitors.

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Most trusted database .Every month across the United States, thousands of vehicles are seized

Seized Cars by Police,IRS, Customs,DEA, Purchase Directly from source & save! thousands of cars become government and bank property every day through various seizure and surplus laws. The constant influx of vehicles and the overwhelming expenses to store them, by law - means that the cars must be sold fast and cheap! This means amazing deals & guaranteed rock bottom prices for you! Bids starting as low as 90% off book value! Buyers sometimes paying as little as $100 to $500 for Seized Cars, Trucks and SUV's.

In Stock

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This means amazing deals & guaranteed rock bottom prices for you! Bids starting as low as 90% off book value! Buyers sometimes paying as little as $100 to $500 for Seized Cars, Trucks and SUV’s.


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